Dumplings. Do you know their story?
Dumplings. Do you know their story?
Dumplings. Do you know their story?
Dumplings. Do you know their story?
Dumplings. Do you know their story?

Dumplings. Do you know their story?

Have you tried Tamara dumplings? Just this unforgettable taste is that inspired us to prepare this blog for you, in which we hope you will discover something new about dumplings.

Few people know that the name “pelmeni” (which is Russian dumpling) comes from two Udmurt words: pel (ear) and nyan (bread). The choice of name will become clear after carefully examining the appearance of dumplings. There is a real resemblance to an ear, isn't there?

The source of this dish is considered to be Europe and even China, but it should be noted that when talking about dumplings, people think mainly of the Siberian version. It was from here in the 14th century that this delicious dish began to spread to the west of Russia.

The meat of dumplings was stored in cold conditions for a long time, and when it was covered with dough, its smell did not spread and grab the attention of predators.

In the past, dumplings were used in animal sacrifices to the gods, which is why the meat of the classic dumplings consists of a mixture of beef, pork and mutton.

There are people who check the readiness of dumplings based on their ability to swim in the water, but in Siberia this process is more complicated. In addition to meat, ice water is added to the dough. Then the closed dumplings are stored in severely cold conditions, the water becomes cooler, which makes the meat even more juicy and tasty. These types of dumplings come to the surface not once, but twice.

There is an old tradition according to which another symbolic filling is put in the last dumpling. For example, the kernel with greens promises happiness, with sugar success, with pepper love, with coin wealth. And if the eater gets only dumplings made of dough, then great happiness awaits him!

The Chinese have an interesting tradition, which you can try with Tamara dumplings and share the results with us. If you want your wish to come true, you need to eat a certain number of dumplings. For example, one who wants to be doubly happy should eat two dumplings. 3, 6, 9 dumplings bring good luck, and if you want a happy year, you should eat 4 or 5 dumplings.

Do you know where the most expensive dumplings in the world are made?

At the Golden Gates restaurant in the Bronx, where a portion of 8 pieces costs $ 2,500. These dumplings emit a bluish-green light in the dark, thanks to the light fish meat used in them.

There will be no such interesting facts without a monument. There is a dumpling statue in Izhevsk, taking photo next to which has become one of the must-see places for tourists. The townspeople claim that the very first dumplings were made there.

And if you dream of dumplings, dream dictionaries claim that you need family warmth.

Well, that was Tamara's news about this favorite dish. So come on, rush to the nearest store to buy our dumplings and share your opinions. Maybe you have your secret of making dumplings? We will wait for it.