The history of ice cream
The history of ice cream
The history of ice cream
The history of ice cream

The history of ice cream

Dear visitor, we are glad to meet you in our blog, promising interesting news, updates and facts from all over the world. Let’s start the blog with all-time-favorite sweet, ice cream, so arm yourself with Tamara's ice creams, because you are going to have a very interesting reading. 

Many people consider ice cream to be the most delicious part of summer, but few know how it came to be.

The first prototype of ice cream was created in China, and there is no reliable data on when: it is about the history of 4 or 5 millennia.

At that era, Emperor Tang could not resist the heat and ordered to create a dish that would cool him down in the heat. As a result, he was served fresh sweet fruit mixed with snow, and this dessert became her favorite. We need to note that this recipe had been kept secret for centuries.

The prototype of ice cream in Israel was made by Solomon the Wise, again with frozen fruit in the 1st millennium BC.

According to one of the legends, Alexander the Great was fond of snow desserts, and for him, pure snow was brought down from the mountains.

Ice cream originated in Europe in the 13th century, when traveler Marco Polo brought a recipe of this product from China. This was later refined by Italian confectioners who added milk to the recipe.

This recipe was kept secret for centuries, but then gradually began to spread in France, Spain and Germany.

In 1660, in Paris, Francesco Procopio began selling ice cream. The technology of its preparation was secret, and for storage it was necessary to provide constant cold conditions, so this dessert did not become widespread during that period, as constant ice or snow were needed.

In 1843, an American Nancy Johnson created a hand mixer, which used to mix fruits, berries, ice. This invention was patented by her, and later, in 1851, the first commercial ice cream conveyor was created by Jacob Fassley. And when the first production refrigerators were created in 1902, the production of ice cream entered a new phase.

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