13 interesting facts about dairy products
13 interesting facts about dairy products
13 interesting facts about dairy products

13 interesting facts about dairy products

Is there anyone who has not tried Tamara's dairy products? Fresh, natural and delicious. What would you say about getting acquainted with selected 15 facts about dairy products together? After all, Tamara's blog promises interesting updates and information for all her followers.

1.     The most produced dairy product in the world is ready-made milk, because we have all known this taste since childhood. Drink lots of milk and you will be healthy.

2.     According to statistics, Finns consume the largest amount of milk worldwide.

3.     People used milk 10,000 years ago, when they started breeding goats and sheep.

4.     Did you know that the word "galaxy" comes from the Greek word "galactos", which means milk? That is why our galaxy is called Milky Way.

5.     Milk acidifies significantly faster during lightening. The explanation of this phenomenon has not been given by scientists yet, but the fact has long been recorded.

6.     Freshly milked cow's milk is a useful and safe product that does not require additional processing for up to 2 hours after milking. After that, the milk must undergo appropriate procedures to remain safe for the organism.

7.     Milk has a great advantage. It is able to remove excess fluid from the body, enriching the organism with potassium.

8.     Trying to understand the secret of longevity, scientists have discovered an interesting fact. There has always been milk in the diet of people who have lived a long life.

9.     Cheese is the most delicious way to strengthen brittle bones. Do you eat cheese a lot?

10. You need to dress warmly and use hot drinks in cold weather, but few people know that regular butter helps to withstand the cold.

11. Cottage cheese is an ideal product for any age. For example, babies need to eat a lot of cottage cheese to get enough amount of calcium. And why is it necessary? Without enough amount of calcium, a strong musculoskeletal system cannot develop.

12. Cottage cheese contains phosphorus, which is the guarantee of healthy bones and strong teeth. It is preferable to eat up to 200 grams of cottage cheese a day, if you want to get strength and health from this product.

13. Cottage cheese is for those who want to have a thin body, so it is not in vain that no matter how strict the diet, those who follow their diet do not give up on cottage cheese.

Well, that's all the facts about dairy prepared for our blog today. If you are fond of this format, we also recommend you to read one of our previous articles “The Story of Ice Cream”.

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